Farewell to our Year 8 Girls

November 29, 2019 at 2:48 PM

Following their Leavers’ Scarf Ceremony, the Year 8 Girls’ School students shared their final event together - Graduation Dinner, marking the formal end of the girls’ primary schooling as they prepare to move on to college and the next step in their education.

Wearing their graduation scarves, the girls, along with their parents, staff and invited guests, gathered at Sorrento Restaurant in the grounds of Cornwall Park, to celebrate and reflect on their time at the School. The room was beautifully decorated in blue and white colours, setting the scene for a wonderful, family evening. On arrival, there was a chance for both the parents and girls to socialise and take the time to say farewell to their teachers. 

Principal, Ms Juliet Small welcomed everyone before passing the microphone to President of the Old Collegians Association, Hayden Butler and Old Collegian Representative, Laura Porter. Both Old Collegians congratulated the girls and thanked them for their service, attitude and efforts throughout their time at the Girls’ School. They spoke about the Old Collegians Association and how it can benefit the girls in the coming years, reinforcing the endless opportunities to network and learn from past and present ‘leaders of the world.’

Girls’ School Deputy Head Girl, Keeley Berkovits welcomed College Head Girl, Alex Hynds up to speak. Alex, much like the girls, mentioned the nerves of moving into a new chapter and encouraged the Year 8s to not ‘fear what could go wrong but to get excited about what could go right.’ She said the College is a great place to make new friends, grow, learn new skills, find new hobbies, mature and push new boundaries. Her final tips were to not take life too seriously and to focus on the positives.

Before the main course was served, Chapel Prefect Anamia Rangihaeata welcomed the Year 8 cohort forward to sing the Maori version of ‘Hallelujah’. The girls were keenly applauded for their stunning performance!

Following dinner, Deputy Principal, Jill Wahlstrom welcomed our guest speaker, Eliza McCartney. Eliza has represented New Zealand at several competitions and Commonwealth Games around the world in pole vault and was the youngest-ever Olympic medallist. In her speech, Eliza shared some of the major struggles that she has faced in her career thus far and gave the girls tips on how to deal with the stress of life, challenges and failure. She encouraged the girls to be open minded, face challenges head on, put 100% into everything and laugh. She mentioned the importance of keeping a smile on your face as it releases endorphins and physically makes you feel better, and agreed with Alex by saying, ‘live in the moment and don’t take life too seriously.’ Girls’ School Head Girl, Jamie Chandler replied and thanked Eliza for coming in, gifting her flowers.

To conclude the evening, Ms Small gave her final words and presented the girls with their leaving gifts. The girls received a Saint Kentigern ‘bear’ for their friends, teachers and family to sign, a bracelet with the Saint Kentigern Crest from the Old Collegians Association and a sending prayer bookmark. The evening concluded with a slideshow of their time at the Girls’ School. Many tears, laughs and smiles were shared before Reverend Reuben Hardie closed the evening with a final blessing.

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