College Year 7 Discover 'It's All About Attitude'

August 13, 2013 at 10:52 AM

Our Year 7 boys and girls welcomed Dave, a presenter from ‘ATTITUDE’ this week to talk to them and run workshops about making and maintaining friendships.

ATTITUDE is the youth education division of Parents Inc., dedicated to creatively teaching life skills that will assist teenagers to make life-enhancing choices. Their aim is to inspire students to recognise that the biggest thing they have control over in their lives is their attitude. Attitude is a choice and only they can make a difference.

Dave was here to speak to our youngest students about how to make friends and be a good friend – something that takes time and needs trust and respect to be lasting. He made the students laugh about the ways that boys and girls go about their friendships. Boys are ‘shoulder to shoulder’ generally basing their friendships around a physical activity such as kicking a ball around together whilst girls are ‘face to face’ and love to talk. On average boys say 6,000 words a day whereas for girls it is closer to 15,000! He said they had much to learn from each other and encouraged them all to join in activities at school, the best way to meet people with similar interests.

Parents were also invited to an evening ATTITUDE session to gain insight into the strategies that were offered to our Year 7’s to solve friendship problems, handle stress and build strong and positive relationships.

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