College Rowing Camp

February 05, 2019 at 11:46 AM

While most of their College peers were relaxing in summer sunshine during the final days of the summer holidays, the rowers and coxswains from the College Rowing Club were getting out of bed at 5.45am each morning, to be on the water early for the first of three daily training sessions on the upper reaches of Lake Karapiro on the Waikato River!

The week-long annual rowing camp at Finlay Park in the central Waikato is vital for training and development, culminating in crew selections for the business end of the season later in the term – the North Island Secondary Schools and New Zealand Secondary Schools championships. Their first goal, however, was to compete at the Cambridge Town Cup on Lake Karapiro directly after camp.

Whilst the fantastic summer weather meant every session could be maximised, it also meant crews were working in extreme heat for many hours each day and as a result, rest and recovery and meal times were critical. Rowing is a high energy sport and with four full meals being required daily (yes four – they eat breakfast twice!), club members consumed over 5,000 servings over the course of the week!

Our parent volunteers were crucial in ensuring the week ran perfectly and we extend sincere thanks to Jo Warren, Kath Patten and their team for 18 hours of non-stop work each day in the kitchen, dining hall, laundry and boat park! Thank you, our students really do appreciate it!

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