College Middle School Semester 2 Leaders

August 02, 2013 at 12:11 PM

As well as the College Prefect team, the Middle School also has teams of student leaders; one for each of the two semesters to allow two groups students the chance to develop their leadership skills.

We congratulate the following Year 10 students who have been selected as Middle School Student Leaders for Semester 2.

Finn Allen
Harry Fleming
Logan Fonoti
Alex Gordon
Craig Roxburgh

Melissa Barlow
Danielle Bason
Kurt Hawkins
Spencer Johnstone
Emily Peart
Kevin Reid

Edward Barry
Liam Braithwaite
Katherine Chang
Ashleigh Cooke
Gabby Duncan
Jacob Wright

Ben Paanakker
Sandeep Patel
Jessica Speight
Caitlin Walker
Cole Watson
Nicola Williams

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