Celebrating Family Connections

August 16, 2021 at 11:40 AM

With thanks to Emily Baker

At Saint Kentigern Preschool, our children share many interests with us, but one of the most common and favourite among the children is pretend play. The children love role modelling real life experiences and making sense of what they have seen by playing in the family corner and the sandpit area, using various resources, such as dinosaurs, dolls and cooking equipment to explore their working theories further.

In the Kowhai group we have been exploring this interest with much enthusiasm and passion. In our hui and investigation times we have had many conversations around our families - the number of family members, what they like to do with their families and who is in their family. We have also used a range of mediums to express these ideas, from pencils to vivid, water colour and paint. Provocations have been centred around this interest, allowing children the opportunity to make their homes out of blocks, preparing meals, looking at their photos and drawing unique interpretations of their families.

These experiences have helped us as teachers learn more about who our children are through the lens of their family dynamics. The children are sharing heartfelt stories of the love they feel towards treasured extended family members both here in New Zealand and overseas. What a timely reminder of the importance of maintaining these precious connections in a world that has been upended by global events.

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