Busy, Active Holiday Programmes

July 27, 2020 at 4:00 PM

The third week of the school holidays saw our three Saint Kentigern campuses come to life as the Trust Board sponsored holiday programmes got underway.

Following the disruption of the Covid-19 Lockdown that put extra pressure on working parents, the Saint Kentigern Trust Board proposed a week-long holiday programme, at no charge to families, to assist parents to get their working lives back on track.

The programme saw a large number of our students from both the Primary Schools and the College engage in a broad range of well-supervised activities to keep them busy and engaged in the final week of the break. Whilst primary students in Years 0-6 stayed on their respective campus, the Boys’ School and Girls’ School students in Years 7-8 were transported to the College to take part in general interest or specialised performing arts and sports programmes along with their College peers.

At each campus, the opportunity to cook was on the agenda with heavenly smells wafting daily! Those who signed up for the ‘general interest’ programme at the College worked through a daily set menu of three items in the Food Technology rooms. The JPC (Jack Paine Centre) was a busy place with Fashion Technology students taking the opportunity to catch up on portfolio work that was missed during Lockdown. Upstairs, students had a chance to dabble in mosaics as part of a week-long team effort to mosaic each letter of the Saint Kentigern Values – Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Love – to prepare for display. Other art activities saw a fantastic range of ‘protest posters’ created with stencils and paint, as students unleashed their creativity to get a message across.

In the Music Centre, students from across the campuses were able to take advantage of digital audio workstations to learn about music production, whilst up at the Sports Centre, the dance studios were all go as students worked on their choreography and performance. Specialist workshops were offered in rugby, football and netball, while a general interest sports activity programme was also offered. 

Elsewhere on campus, St John’s were onsite to run First Aid courses and help was offered to senior students who are preparing to write their CVs.

The Year 0-6 students were just as busy on their campuses with arts, crafts and music, STEAM activities, shared sports and the opportunity to let off steam outdoors!

Terms 1 and 2 this year were extra-ordinary for our schools but we hope that the July holiday has marked a half-way point in the year where we can put the past behind us and look forward to Terms 3 and 4 without disruption.

We offer our sincere thanks to those staff who gave generously of their time to ensure the holiday programmes ran smoothly.

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