Boys Vs Wild 2020

December 08, 2020 at 5:08 PM

With thanks to Year 8 teacher, Mr Steve Aucamp
“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi.

Each year, a large number of our senior boys work towards the Saint Kentigern Service Awards. Run along similar lines to the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Awards, the bronze, silver and gold awards require a good level of commitment to achieve. Each level has requirements to undertake outdoor activities, school representation, research projects and service at home, school and in the wider community. A detailed log book is kept and an interview is required before the level is awarded.

The boys who have achieved the silver award by Week 6 ,Term 4 are invited to take part in Boys v. Wild, which counts towards part of the camp and service requirements of the gold award. Some of the boys had already achieved their gold award by the time the 74 boys headed away to their Boy vs Wild Service trip to the Tawharanui Reserve - and what awaited them was an experience that will, no doubt, be a highlight for them in 2020.

Setting up the tents was the first priority before hitting the beach to tackle the waves with the New Zealand Surf Instructors. The boys all had the opportunity to take part in a Learn to Surf course,  which was a great a great skill to develop. The smiles said it all – lots of fun – never mind the rain!

In previous years, a component of the camp has been to offer service within that community, often working alongside DOC. This year, due to Covid, the boys had to complete their service within our own campsite ‘bubble.’ Our bubble activities included BBQ cleaning, tent inspections and maintenance of the ETOC equipment. Service also included the collaboration of each group to work out a menu plan and then prepare and cook for each other.

The beauty of the reserve was explored on the Ecology trail where School Chaplain, Rev. Hardie kept the boys well informed with his endless fact sheets on the local flora and fauna. Rev Hardie had a limitless catalogue of facts of local animals to share with the boys!

The Amazing Race, cricket, cooking, football, bodysurfing, camping, swimming, capture the flag and even MathMate were all highlights mentioned by the boys in their reflections of the Boy vs Wild camp! As the sun set on the 2020 Boy vs Wild camp, the Year 8 boys had time to reflect back on their time at Saint Kentigern Boys’ School and the important role that service plays as one of our core values.

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