Boys' School Tennis Championships 2014

November 19, 2014 at 3:24 PM

In a week of typical Auckland spring time weather, with strong winds and intermittent rain, the annual tennis championships got underway. Dodging showers, the boys worked their way through the preliminary rounds to try and score a place in the semi-finals. The competition stepped up a notch at this level with the boys pushing their physical and mental boundaries, often having to adjust their game to gusty winds.

During the final round, the boys umpire themselves, under the guidance of Head of Sport, Mr Grant. This could prove to be a test of their Saint Kentigern values, however, all the boys respond with great respect for one another and a sense of fair play in their decision making; something that the boys can be extremely proud of. Well done to all boys that put their names down for the championship and congratulations to the finalists. 

Year 4: Benjamin Hardie beat Brendan Meyer - 6/1   6/0

Year 5: Campbell Joyce beat George Beca - 7/5   6/3

Year 6: Zac Lerner beat Charles Wilkes - 6/1   6/0

Year 7: Ben Humphries beat Stefan Bigio - 3/6   7/5   6/4

Year 8: Chris Zhang beat Ben Lerner - 6/0   6/0

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