Boys' School NIWA Science & Technology Fair

September 10, 2013 at 2:39 PM

With thanks to Science Teacher, Mrs Denise Coleman

In preparation for the Auckland NIWA Science and Technology Fair, our boys worked for many weeks investigating and testing a science concept or developing and making a prototype to provide a solution to a technology problem. From the large number of projects judged at school, fifteen were forwarded to the regional fair for judging against the entries from other schools. We are delighted that two of our boys were recognised with three top awards apiece!

Top awards went to:

Tom Abbott - ‘Super Safety Barrier’

  • 2nd Place in the Physical World
  • University of Auckland Physics Department  Award for Excellence in Physical Investigation- Scientist for a Day
  • Transport Auckland Council Silver Award – Scientist for a Day

Tom has a great interest in cars.  For this reason he felt that investigating a more effective motorway safety barrier would be satisfying and of interest to the Road Transport people. His original prototype failed so it was back to the drawing board and testing range.  After modifying his designs he was able to produce credible results. If Tom were to continue his work he said he would trial other materials, look at the use of air pockets and light sensors to warn motorists and alert emergency services of an accident.

Jonnie Danesh-Clough, ‘How Sweet Are You?’

  • 3rd in the Living World category
  • New Zealand Statistical Association Bronze Award
  • Auckland Dental Association Physics Department Silver Award for Human Biology

Being a diabetic makes Jonnie aware of the importance of using an accurate meter.  He feels that all diabetics could benefit from his work. Jonnie described his investigation, in which he tested a range of diabetic meters, as fun to do but difficult to conduct due the large number of variables he had to control. His results support his hypothesis that some meters are not as accurate as others.

Seven Highly Commended Certificates were awarded to the following boys:
Samuel Barry and Roni Chapman; Thomas Burton and Luc Travers; Nick Kirk and Reuben Wickstead; Connor Lewis and Joe Morton; Dominic Powell; Nicholas Scott and Lachlan Broadhurst; Daniel Whooley.

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