Boys’ School Middle School Music Evening

September 16, 2016 at 11:17 AM

‘When the Saints go marching in,’ was a fantastic opening piece to set toes tapping at last night’s Middle School music concert. Played by the orchestra, a number of our senior boys took the time to come and play in support of our youngest musicians. 

Barely tall enough to look over the rostrum,  MC’s for the evening, Sean Trombitas  and George Wilby were supremely confident in their roles and kept the concert flowing as boys and small ensembles stepped up to play. 

The evening closed with the Saint Kentigern Singers, an all-comers choir for boys who simply love to sing. Just as the concert opened on a high, so it closed with the boys belting out Gershwin’s ‘I’ve got Rhythm!’ 

Following the choir’s performance, Principal, Mr Peter Cassie said, ‘When I see these ‘little angels’ in our choir, I find it hard to believe that it’s the same boys I see rough and tumble on the field at lunchtime!’ 

Mr Cassie went on to say that nowadays, praise can often be too free-flowing, but this was an occasion where it was truly deserved and the boys could be proud of the applause. It was a pleasure to see each boy, albeit slightly nervous, introduce himself and the name of his piece – and then finish playing with a huge smile knowing that it was a job well done!   


Orchestra - When the Saints, Titanic Theme Song, Eastenders Theme.
Ricky Shen - Piano – ‘Turkish March’ by Mozart
Ashe Renault Pollard - Violin – ‘Musette’
Flute choir
Jack Ryder - Piano – ‘Halleluiah’ from the movie ‘Shrek’
Gabriel Lee - Violin – ‘Dance of The Elves’
Recorder Consort
Matthew Morris - Piano –‘Spanish Dance’
Luca Evans - Recorder– ‘Legend’
Tudor Dalziel - Piano – ‘On Time’
Y6 class ensemble - ‘Annies Song’
Daniel Haines - Piano – ‘Ecossaise’
Charles Adams - Vocal Solo – ‘Oh Shenandoah’
Jimmy  Kemble - Flute - ‘Minuet’
Saint Kentigern Singers - Sing Praise, Halleluiah, I’ve Got rhythm

MC – George Wilby, Sean Trombitas

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