1000 Hampers Target Achieved

December 07, 2020 at 9:52 AM

There has been much to say about 2020 – a year to remember, a year to forget, a year when ‘lockdown’ entered our vocabulary, and a year when the words ‘unprecedented’ and ‘uncertain’ were used more than ever before. It was a year when fear of the unknown tugged at the edges but also one where teddy bears popped up in unusual places and we were reminded to be ‘kind’ - and then didn’t need reminding anymore because kindness had seeped into the nation’s psyche.

But above all, during the frustrations of lockdown, the queuing for supermarkets and the wearing of masks, we became aware of a growing gap.

The impact of Covid-19 created a different story for every family and no two were the same. Many of us will remember 2020 as unusual but not unusually difficult, more of an inconvenience. We were the lucky ones who continued to have a job and a regular income. For many businesses, both small and large, across the country, things have been very different and this left many families struggling as paid work hours were reduced or jobs were lost altogether.  

Our Saint Kentigern families have been most generous over the years, donating items whenever the call goes out, whether for food, shoes, bras, bikes or a host of other items that could make the lives of others a little easier for a period of time - or simply bring some cheer at Christmas time.

In recognition of the extraordinary situation and hardship that many families in Auckland will be facing this Christmas as a result of COVID-19, the Chaplains and the College Service Co-ordinator suggested that our own schools should go above and beyond to bring some joy into the lives of people in other schools and communities who have had a very tough year.  And so, an ambitious Saint Kentigern One Organisation and Presbyterian Support plan was hatched, to create 1000 Hampers for those in need.

Included in the 1000 hampers were, among other things, biscuits, canned fish, canned fruit, cans of spaghetti/baked beans, canned tomatoes, cereal, marshmallows, scorched almonds, a bag of pasta or rice, potato chips, a pancake mix shaker, tea bags, toilet paper, soap and two wrapped gifts, all donated by our families. In addition to the generosity of the Saint Kentigern community, Presbyterian Support also donated over $9000 towards the cost of the hamper items.

There were quite some logistics involved in gathering all the items into one place at the College and on Friday 4 December, teams of Year 7 students and set about packing 1000 Hampers ready for distribution! It was a busy morning but the Saint Kentigern community can finish the school year knowing that they have made a shared contribution to bring some cheer to families for whom 2020 has been a very tough and uncertain year.

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