Most of our international students are boarders.

They live alongside our New Zealand students in Bruce House, our friendly hostel for boys and girls set in beautiful surroundings on the College campus. Our international and local students soon form friendships and, as a result, our visiting students improve their English language skills very quickly.

Alternatively, international students may live with their parents who are domiciled in New Zealand for the full school year or their parents may designate a relative or close family friend to provide accommodation for the student. (Subject to oversight by the College under the terms of the Code of Practice).



Boarding offers peace of mind for our international parents.

Their children are in a safe and homely environment, right on the College campus, being cared for by staff who have a clear understanding of the kind of problems and concerns that can arise for students living away from home in a culture different from their own.

Boarders receive three cooked meals a day, all their laundry is attended to and medical staff are on-site for those times when students may not feel at their best.

Tutors and boarding staff keep a close watch on the academic progress and personal wellbeing of all our international students. We are well aware that students are far more likely to be successful in their studies if they are happy and settled in their personal life. Our staff do their utmost to create a warm and welcoming environment.

Boarders have many advantages academically as tutors are on hand at night to help with their studies. As boarders, our international students will have two hours of supervised homework study every night. At the weekend, there are opportunities to enjoy supervised activities outside school. The College has campus-wide, wireless internet so that keeping in touch with family back home is easy.

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