Year 9 Scientists visit Thermo Fisher Laboratory

November 18, 2014 at 9:33 AM

Recently a selected group of Year 9 College students were fortunate to be invited to visit the Thermo Fisher Laboratories in Penrose. As the leading supplier of scientific, environmental and healthcare instruments and consumables in Australasia, their aim is to enable their customers to make the world a healthier, cleaner and safer place.

P1000245.JPGThe visit started with an introduction from Senior Manager, Mr Iqbal before the students watched a fascinating demonstration of how employees are required to be fully gowned before entering the aseptic production area. The students were glad they watched carefully as one of them was called on to repeat the process ensuring all the correct steps had been taken! In a facility such as this there is no room for error. It was the sort of head to toe gear only usually seen in a movie or on the news in a medical disaster!

The group was given a guided tour of the aseptic production area and the quality control laboratories with the highlight for the students, the -30c blast freezer! Both labs were fascinating in their detail and the students learnt a great deal about the work carried out and the degree of care taken to ensure the product is of the highest quality.

They then witnessed an experiment using the 3M ATP monitor system - cutting edge technology that is used to analyse the number of microbes found on surfaces. One of the greatest infection risks to a patient entering a healthcare facility is acquiring a pathogen from a prior room occupant. The factors that contribute to this risk are many and emphasise the importance of environmental cleaning for reducing the spread of infections. Rapid results allow for corrective action to be taken at the time of testing and this equipment allowed for an instant result rather than waiting for a culture to grow.

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and learned a great deal about where a career in science could take them. Our sincere thanks to Mr Iqbal and his fellow staff for welcoming our students and taking the time to talk with our students.

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