Year 8 Leavers’ Tie Presentation

November 16, 2018 at 4:58 PM

The Boys’ School gathered this morning to make the first of their farewells to the soon-to-graduate Year 8 boys, at a special assembly held in their honour.  Dean of the Senior School, Mr Richard Kirk said, ‘It only seems like yesterday that we watched the 2017 Year 7s transition into being the Year 8 leaders of 2018. In a busy school like ours, how time flies!’ 

Mr Kirk told the Year 8 students they could be proud of their achievements. They have represented the School with pride in all areas of endeavour but, most importantly, this has been done with the right spirit, values and attitude, which will serve them well as they prepare to move on. He continued by saying that it takes courage to step up to new challenges. As they move from being leaders of their current school to amongst the youngest at their new college, with a new set of expectations placed upon them, they will adapt and thrive if they heed all they have learned at the Boys’ School. 

Head Boy, Austin McKegg also addressed the boys with confidence. Austin has led the boys well this year. Leading by example, he has treated others with respect, earning respect in return. He encouraged the boys moving up the School to make the most of all that comes their way, as the opportunities at the Boys’ School are plentiful!

The focus of the assembly was to present the boys with their Leavers’ Ties; one that they will wear for the remaining formal functions of the year. As the Year 3 boys are also graduating from Junior to Middle School, the presentation of the tie is a privilege reserved for them. One by one the classes came forward and the Year 3s made their presentation and finished with a hand shake. 

For the last time at school, the Year 8s came forward to finish with a formidable haka. 

Mr Kirk concluded by saying, ‘Be proud of who you are, where you have come from and take every opportunity offered to you with both hands.  Our world is changing daily and it is you boys who are going to shape the future for the rest of us.’


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