Year 8 Girls Inspired by Message

November 16, 2016 at 3:28 PM

The Year 8 College girls had an inspirational afternoon this week when they were given the opportunity to listen to award-winning guest speaker, Nirvana Health Group director, Ranjna Patel.

Mrs Patel came from humble beginnings. Brought up in a fruit shop, she could not afford to go to university yet has gone on to run New Zealand’s largest independent primary health care group, alongside her husband, Dr Kantilal Patel. She also sits on many advisory boards including Middlemore Foundation, Global Women, NZ Police National Ethnic Advisory Board, CM Police Advisory Board, amongst others.

Mrs Patel explained to the girls that they are at the beginning of a long journey and the knowledge they learn at school, will apply to life in different ways. ‘You have been given this opportunity, it is your time to be a sponge and absorb all that Saint Kentigern can offer you. Participate in things you normally would not. It is imperative you follow that dream. As future leaders of the country, have confidence in yourself.’

Year 8 student, Taylor Hastings said Mrs Patel’s speech was a wakeup call. She said, ‘It taught me that if I have a goal or aspiration in life, I should go for it and not let anyone say that I can’t do it. Women can be anything men can be, you can do anything in life, have a positive outlook on life. It’s like there is a world out there, go and get it!’

The guest speaker also confirmed to Year 8 student, Sarah Harper, who has always wanted to be an author, that her dreams do matter, to never think she isn’t good enough to do something. ‘It inspired me and I feel like now I can do whatever I want to do. A lady that comes from such humble origins, is now this big entrepreneur, and works with the community, it’s amazing.’


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