Year 8 Famous Faces

May 28, 2013 at 11:38 AM

DSC_8729.JPGIf you could choose to be one influential person for an afternoon, dress up and tell their story, who would you be?

Our Year 8 students got the opportunity to do just that at the Famous Faces presentation to family, friends and teachers, on an afternoon where they really immersed themselves into their character and gave a brief speech on their life history.

It was obvious the students had worked very hard to research and learn about the people they admire or who have helped shape history in some way. The attention to detail shown through their costumes and imaginative visual props on their information boards made their presentations much more authentic, and of course, entertaining!

But entertainment aside, the students were all being assessed by their teachers on oral language skills such as voice projection, stance, eye contact and memorisation as part of the English curriculum on research and speech making.

Judging by the crowd that turned up and the audience gathered at each station, it was a very popular event enjoyed by all!

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