Year 8 Boys’ School Students Explore Tongariro and Great Barrier

March 22, 2024 at 3:38 PM

The Boys’ School Year 8 students enjoyed two different camp options this year. Some headed to Great Barrier Island and others to Tongariro National Park, where all the students tackled physical challenges and enjoyed time with their friends.


Great Barrier Island is a special place and our Year 8s have been fortunate enough to be able to go there for the last few years. The activities the boys partake in at Barrier are mainly water based, varying from sea Kayaking, paddling waka, boogie boarding, kayak surfing, cliff jumping, coasteering, fishing and eating kina! The week finished off with an overnight camp. Some groups rafted to their destination while others walked. The Barrier offers a special opportunity for boys to experience challenges and water based activities far away from the city life of Auckland. There are only two ways to get off Great Barrier and that is by boat or plane so the boys have no option but to make the most of the experience.


The Year 8 Camp to Tongariro National Park, led by Hillary Outdoors, was a transformative experience for our boys. Over the course of the camp, they learned valuable lessons in teamwork, leadership, and personal challenge. Activities such as abseiling, rock-climbing, caving, overnight camping, service projects, hiking, and river trails pushed them out of their comfort zones and encouraged them to overcome obstacles. The highlight after a long hike, for most boys and staff was the exhilarating waterfall jump at Tawhai Falls, which symbolised their willingness to take risks and embrace new experiences. Against the stunning backdrop of Tongariro National Park, lifelong memories were created, fostering a deep appreciation for nature and personal growth.

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