Year 3 investigate inventions at MOTAT

June 15, 2015 at 2:51 PM

Our Year 3 boys have been inquiring into how people have invented things for a variety of purposes over time and how these things can have an impact on our lives. With a focus on investigating inventions and inventors, a visit to MOTAT provided the perfect venue to further expand their growing knowledge.  The boys spent a session with the educators studying inventions, another session exploring displays and concluded with an old fashioned tram ride to the zoo and back.

Highlights for all were the Earthquake Café, the mirror maze and the many and varied inventions from over the years. So many of those items – film cameras, tape recorders, wired telephones – were familiar items when their parents were young but have now been, or are about to be, consigned to museum displays!  

The tram ride, in particular, was a great success as the boys listened carefully about the history and workings of the tram. Each boy took a turn at wearing the tram driver’s hat! Once again we were very fortunate to have a large group of dedicated parent helpers along to help; thank you to them all.

Next, the boys will design and construct their own inventions as a conclusion to their inquiry unit. One of our parents, Mr Simon Ward, has been into School to share the stories of his own inventions.  He talked to boys about taking their Invention challenge seriously and to think carefully about the process. We are looking forward to seeing some wonderful creations as our Year 3 boys take on their inventor’s role!

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