Year 10 Market Day at the College 2022

November 16, 2022 at 2:11 PM

As the bell went for lunch, a flurry of students rushed down from their classes to the two locations of Year 10 Market Day at the College. Pockets jingled with the coins they planned to spend buying yummy treats and other trinkets. The array of choices on display was almost too much to choose from. Everything from photobooths to ice cream floats and raffles was up for grabs. This year, there were over 70 stalls made up of 285 students in the 10EST classes.

Through their Enterprise Studies classes this term, the Year 10 students have devised a plan to make a profit by running a small business at our annual Market Day. College students were let loose on the stalls for a limited amount of time, encouraging those running a stall to put their marketing skills to the test. Through the experience, students put what they have learned about successful teamwork, interviewing, resource allocation, budgeting, prototyping, market research, branding, marketing, setting prices and sales skills to practical use.

Not only does the Market Day teach students about running a business, it incorporates a key Saint Kentigern pillar of service. Learning that an element of business is ‘tax,’ students set aside 30% of their profit to food boxes for ‘The Shed’. The Shed prepares and distribute food boxes weekly to families in need around Auckland.

We are passionate about equipping our students with the tools to run their businesses in the future, as we have seen many Old Collegians succeed over the years. We also want to encourage the spirit of giving back to the community, continuing the cycle of service to others Saint Kentigern is known for. Thank you to Ms Vandana Bandi, Mrs Janine McArthur, Mrs Tina Ramakers, Mr Rob Ryan and Mrs Elanie Schutte for your mentorship and guidance to the Enterprise Studies students. The Year 10 Market Day is always exciting for all students whether buying or selling from the incredible stalls available.

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