World of Creative Technology

September 19, 2022 at 3:58 PM

The Jack Paine Centre or JPC, home to all our Technology programmes was transformed to host the largest combined Technology Exhibition featuring Senior students’ work across Digital Technology, Fashion and Textiles, Food Technology, Product Design, Design and Visual Communication and Computer Science recently.

This first of its kind Technology Exhibition enabled students working towards NZQA Achievement Standards to showcase their work to family and friends, giving them an authentic experience to engage an audience and test the outcomes of their work.

Each piece of work produced by over 100 of our Technology students; be it a piece of garment or a dish, an animation or a furniture item, has all been thoroughly researched and tested through iterations, with the end product being showcased at the exhibition.

The evening began with a fashion show from the Fashion and Textiles Design students showcasing pieces of work that cuts across styles and combines creative use of fabric. The runway which was placed at the center of the Atrium was lined with planter boxes made by our Product Design students. Hanging from the bridge was designer lamps, and another room filled with light installations, produced by our creative Product Design and Design and Visual Communication students. Throughout the evening, guests were treated to a variety of savoury and sweet finger food items which were served on platters by our talented Food Technology students.

Guests were wowed by the quality of work produced by our students, especially the Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine, which was programmed and built by a Year 13 student from scratch. The Design and Visual Communication students also showcased their herb garden outcomes using 3D printers and other media.

As part of the design process, our Digital Technology students developed interactive feedback screens around JPC to enable guests to vote for their work of choice. This allowed students to subsequently gather feedback from guests and determine if their outcome is fit its purpose, and refine their work further to better suit the needs of the end user. This process completes their internal NCEA assessment.

We are extremely pleased to be able to host a bigger, combined Technology exhibition following cancellations in previous years due to the pandemic. We would like to thank parents and guardians for coming along and actively engaging with our students on their work.

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