Wishart's Tug-O-War Win

November 16, 2023 at 4:02 PM

The morning of the Boys’ School Tug-O-War brought an undeniable surge of electrifying energy to the school grounds. Each year group had pre-selected teams, with the competitors arriving well-fuelled with plenty of Weet-Bix to sustain them through the rounds.

As the entire school flooded the gymnasium, the boys could barely sit still, wanting to jump up and get on with the competition. It’s safe to say, most boys in attendance spent the morning on their feet, wildly cheering on their respective Houses’ Tug-O-War team. The resounding chants from the Houses echoed through the gymnasium, shaking the walls and firing up the opponents.

It wasn't just the students who were caught up in the excitement of the event; the teachers themselves jumped into the fray, rallying the students with uncontainable enthusiasm. The House battles saw white knuckles and determined grimaces as each group of boys heaved and pulled with unwavering resolve.

Several year groups put up an impressive fight, with some rounds lasting well over a minute. Director of Sport, Mr Duncan Grant’s commentary kept the crowds engaged and aware of the stakes, playfully warning any overly enthused boys to keep their distance from the competition area or face the consequences. The boys heeded the advice, hovering just outside the boundaries, as close as they were allowed, to cheer on their teams.

As the battles ended and the results were tallied, the mighty Wishart House came out victorious. Cargill followed in second, with Chalmers, then Hamilton rounding out the standings.

Head of Wishart, Mr Anton Lorenzon, was a constant presence to his teams throughout, unreserved in his advice and support. Though he may have appeared a tad frenzied at times, one cannot deny his techniques paid off, given Wishart's triumphant ascent to the top of the ranks. The question remains, will anyone be able topple Wishart next year?

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