Wishart Warms Winter!

June 26, 2017 at 2:00 PM

As winter starts to make its mark, the girls in 9CKC tutor group put together a service initiative to help those less fortunate before the season fully bears down. The call was put out to other Wishart tutor groups to bring in warm, winter clothing and shoes of all sizes, as well as warm bedding, for donation to struggling families not far from us. 

The result was outstanding! The girls were ecstatic with the number of items they received, being far more than they anticipated. Items ranged from rain jackets, jumpers and warm pants, to winter pyjamas and football boots.  The items were loaded up this morning to be delivered to low decile schools for distribution to their families in need. 

During the year, there are many opportunities for every student to be involved in the Service programmes at all of the Saint Kentigern campuses, to help within their local community as well as further afield. Through service, the students acquire an understanding and awareness of the role it plays and gain gratitude in their own lives, learn commitment and understand the effort required. Students learn that they can make a positive difference and that there is great satisfaction to be gained from helping others. 

Well done girls for taking this initiative upon yourself and following it through to the end. We know the families you are helping will be very grateful.


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