What’s a gloop?

September 28, 2022 at 3:05 PM

Our children were involved in the exploration of gloop recently. What exploratory fun they had as they experienced and engaged the properties of the gloop!

The children squeezed, scraped, and patted it! They watched intently as the gloop dribbled onto their arms and through their fingers. It enabled them to experience a playful tactile exploration, igniting a sense of wonder as they moved their hands through the gloop and watched the marks they made disappear before their eyes.

The fun and joy the children experienced during this learning opportunity affirmed the importance of tactile exploration.

We were amazed by the words used and questions raised by the children.

“Why is it melting?”

“I can squeeze it.”

“It feels like coconut cream and water.”

Such great statements, questions and descriptions!

Messy play such as the gloop opens our children’s minds to exploration of a chosen medium’s properties. It also allows our children to use their natural curiosity to engage their senses. Further to this, these exercises also help nurture collaborative work and discovery as a team.

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