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May 01, 2015 at 12:44 PM


We believe in beautiful websites – designed with you in mind!

When Underlining Web Development was initiated in late 2014, the founders, Year 12 College students, James Brown and Harry Mellsop, set out with the goal of earning some money in their spare time.  Today, with several clients in the US and elsewhere abroad, Underlining is becoming less of a hobby and is rapidly closing in on a full time job.  Armed with an education in Design and Digital Technology from the College, and putting all their spare time into trying to grow the business and client base, James and Harry are getting a taste of the real business world, and gaining knowledge and experience in the process.

In early 2015, the team acquired a new member – Operations Manager, Harry Rillstone.  With the addition of a second Harry, Underlining was able to expand internationally; Brown and Mellsop were left to focus on producing a great and reliable product for the client, and Rillstone was able to utilise his skills learnt through the Accounting department at College in order to keep everything operating smoothly.  The team currently specialise in creating beautiful websites, and also providing effective social media marketing campaigns and company rebranding solutions for businesses.

It’s still very early days for Underlining but their growth and initial success is a testimony to the education that all three current members have received from the College, in each of their areas of knowledge.  Their passion for design and creativity, coupled with several years of combined experience developing websites is what drives the trio, and they have plans for the future; hoping to keep the momentum going for a long time yet.

If you want to get in touch with Underlining, or browse their portfolio of work, you can find their website at, or other information can be found on their various social media accounts:  @_Underlining for Twitter and Instagram, Underlining Web Development on Facebook, or you can email them at  Additionally, an interactive exhibition has been set up in the Jack Paine Centre Meeting Room, running from the April 20 - 9 May.

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