Wearable Arts Show 2016

August 24, 2016 at 10:02 AM

In the words of MC for the night, television personality, Wendy Meyer, Monday night’s show was ‘just sensational!’

With every single seat in Elliot Hall spoken for, the house lights went down, the stage lights came up and proud parents of students from Years 7-10 were treated to an eye-popping evening of creative talent at the Middle School Wearable Arts Show! Involving almost 300 students, there were 70 models, 133 designers, 14 student dance leaders and 72 dancers giving their all. 

The brainchild of Year 8 teacher, Mrs Leisha Slade, ‘WAS’ is now in its fifth season and was a great start to New Zealand Fashion Week! With each passing year, we have seen bolder and more innovative designs, as our Middle School students research deeper for new ideas for garments made from all manner of ‘bits!’ Matched by increasing confidence on the catwalk and edgier dances interspersed throughout the show (choreographed and staged for Year 7/8 by our Year 11 dance students), the evening is a winner. The students’ enthusiasm for the event is totally infectious; it was a pleasure to be there! 

The day before the show, ‘people mover,’ Kiri Whitford-Joynt from ‘ID with Style’ put our student models through their paces on the catwalk while their fellow designers looked on, making last minute touches to the costumes. With only a couple of chances to get it right, the transformation in poise and confidence in our students, under Kiri’s tutelage, was remarkable. Kiri went on to take charge back stage on the night of the show organising the models dancers to be on to the stage at the right time – quite a feat when you appreciate the size of some of the costumes! 

At the Sunday rehearsal, the designers also had the chance to present their garments to the judges. This year we welcomed returning judge, Ros Craw, Head of Art at Somerville Intermediate along with Chrissy Conyngham who was the design director at Pumpkin Patch for just over 18 years before opening Auckland fashion boutiques, 'Flo & Frankie.' The third judge for the evening was Ian Bernard who has his own women’s wear label, specialising in both ready to wear and bespoke design. This year marks his third successful entry to the World of Wearable Art in Wellington. 

The evening showcased garment designs and supporting dance items from six different categories: 

  • Kiwiana and Pacifica
  • Destinations around the world
  • Man’s world
  • Magic and Love of Books
  • Illumination Illusion  
  • Preloved Avante-Garde 

Judges were looking for: 

  • Creativity, zest and innovation
  • How well the garment represents the category
  • Overall originality
  • And finally, the presentation and construction of the design.

Congratulations to the eighteen chosen finalists, and in particular the Supreme Winners. Designer/Model Saskia Dorresteyn won the Year 7 and 8 section with her weta inspired creation, ‘God of Ugly Things’ in the Kiwiana category. Designer/Model Kate Armstrong won the Year 9 and 10 section with her steam punk inspired garment entitled ‘Industrial enchanting.’ The girls were excited to win but admitted that neither of their costumes were comfortable! A further ‘Top 4’ and ‘4 Highly Commended’ were also awarded in each age group. 

Well done to the Year 11 dance leaders who undertook all of the choreography for the show with assistance from dance staff, Mr Geordan Wilcox and Ichiro Harada. Well done to Chloe Haerewa who sang a duet with Mr Ronberg and a big thank you to Katherine Chang from Year 13 for designing this year’s logo and PowerPoint. 

And finally, heartfelt thanks to Mrs Slade for her organisation, Wendy Meyer as MC, Kiri Whitford-Joynt as the deportment coach and judges, Ros Craw, Chrissy Cunningham and Ian Bernard for making this fantastic night a tremendous success! 


A God of Ugly Things
Model and Designer: Saskia Dorresteyn

Industrialise Enchanting
Model and Designer: Kate Armstrong


Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus
Model and Designers: Sarah Harper, Darcy Woolford

My Heritage
Model and Designer: Samiya Patel

Buttoned Together
Model and Designers: Olivia Bartlett, Emma Savoury

Twinkling Tentacles
Model and Designers: Regina Tao, Florence Lee, Olivia Bartlett, Emma Savoury


Model and Designer: Megan Yen

Te Tui Karakara
Model and Designer: Sam Watson

Metallica Girl
Model and Designer: Lara Ambridge

Squid in Trouble
Model and Designer: Emma King



Cyber Warrior
Model and Designers: Giles Willis, Campbell Wright

Web Surfer
Model and Designers: Cameron Shortt, Zachary Bonnici

Newspaper Bouquet
Model and Designers: Taniel Diedricks, Harriet Lightfoot, Alissa Huang

Vinyl Style
Model and Designer: Rachell Funnell


Wilderness Princess
Model and Designer: Crystal Chen, Sophia Ying

Razzle Dazzle
Model and Designer: Simran Chand

Vintage Cut
Model and Designer: Maddy Clarke

Weather Vain
Model and Designer: Melissa Clegg


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Wearable Arts Show 2016

August 24, 2016 at 10:02 AM

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