Unleashing the Rock: College Hosts Annual Rock Concert

May 26, 2023 at 4:02 PM

The stage was set for an electrifying night of rock music at Saint Kentigern College. Months of rehearsals, workshops, and unforgettable performances had led to this moment. The bands were ready to unleash their talent and entertain the audience.

Every week, the rock bands, including 3 Day Rain and Drop Owt, gathered during lunchtime to jam out. Geordie McCallum, their mentor, guided them through roadblocks as they fine-tuned their songs. Term 1 saw them master cover songs, but Term 2 brought the excitement of crafting original compositions and dreams of an EP.

Workshops throughout the year honed their recording and song writing skills, fostering teamwork and boosting stage presence. Confidence soared as the bands prepared for the ultimate showcase. Beyond the school grounds, 3 Day Rain and Drop Owt took their music to the Pakuranga Library, serenading an appreciative audience of elderly citizens with soulful acoustic performances.

Smokefreerockquest, the highly anticipated competition, brought out the best in the bands. Drop Owt and 3 Day Rain unleashed their original songs, impressing the judges with their talent and passion. The Saint Kentigern Rock Concert was the culmination of their journey—a night to remember. Thirteen development and senior bands took the stage, celebrating dedication, talent, and creativity. Notable College graduates Sam Ashton and Tague Bradley, who turned their passion for music into a vocation, were there to inspire and support the aspiring musicians. We look forward to the future as our bands continue to find their unique sounds, promising an exhilarating future.

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