Twinkling Stars and Jolly Santas at Christmas Show

December 19, 2023 at 9:36 AM

In a delightful pre-Christmas celebration, the preschoolers at Shore Road took the stage at JC Chalmers Hall on 8 December, captivating their audience with a one-time-only, sell-out Christmas Show. As the preschoolers paraded into the hall, their faces aglow with joy reflected the true spirit of Christmas. Spotting their families in the audience, a collective wave of excitement swept through the children, building anticipation for their performance.

Divided into three groups—reindeers, stars, and Santas—the young performers delivered endearing renditions of Christmas songs, creating a magical atmosphere for the adoring families and staff in attendance. A particular highlight emerged as Santa made a surprise entrance, popping out of the chimney alongside his group. The culmination of the show saw the entire preschool syndicate coming together for some festive carols.

Amidst the festive cheer, a brief intermission featured a small prizegiving ceremony. Tabloid Sports sprint winners and values awards were acknowledged, with proud recipients standing tall with their accolades. Following this moment of recognition, the jubilant winners rejoined their friends for more musical merriment.

In a concluding gesture of gratitude, Executive Trustee Dr Kevin Morris expressed heartfelt thanks to the preschool community for a historic year. Navigating the transition to a new campus, welcoming a new principal, and establishing a foothold at Shore Road marked significant milestones for the preschool, and Dr Morris acknowledged the collective efforts that made it possible. To bring the morning to a close, Chaplain Rev Reuben Hardie offered a prayer of blessing before families headed to the preschool for a visit from Santa himself and an indulgence in delicious treats.

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