Tri-school Jammies, Back by Popular Demand

October 05, 2023 at 4:28 PM

After the success of last year’s Jammies in the MC – a rock concert curated by Arts Prefect Tague Bradley as part of his NCEA music event management and research portfolios – the desire for that space again saw two new students pick up the mantle. Year 12 students Josh Shortt and Thomas Pritchard ran with Tague’s idea and brought together the senior rock bands of Saint Kentigern College, Sacred Heart College, and Baradene College for another night of jamming, this time, in Elliot Hall. 

Head of Music Miss Mary Lin adjudicated the Sacred Heart College longstanding music competition – the Walter Kirby Cup – earlier in the year, and invited two of the rock bands, The Rain and Clean Sweep, to join the jams. Both presented solid rock covers with impressive vocalists and instrumentalists.

We also invited Baradene College’s rock band annodaM to perform two covers. Recently, they have started a Rock Academy for their budding singer-songwriters as a part of their music programme. As the girls shredded covers of Led Zeppelin, Blondie, and original pieces, it is clear the Rock Academy is a great asset to their music programme.

Saint Kentigern College bands 3 Day Rain and Drop Owt performed in the second half, with a mixture of covers and originals. Our student organisers Josh and Thomas wore two hats as they MC’d and played in their respective bands throughout the night. It was a privilege to hear them perform, as both were recent finalists in the YMCA New Found Soundcompetition that played at The Tuning Fork.

The progression in our rockers from start of the year to now can be attributed to a sense of belonging, and growing confidence and musicianship on stage. We are grateful for the strong and continued support of the student body and community. Thank you to Sacred Heart’s Head of Music Mr Jonny White, and Baradene’s Head of Music Mr Nino Sloser for coming with their bands to the concert, and Mr Glen Mortenson and his tech team for always fine-tuning the sound and lighting. We look forward to 2024’s Jammies!

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