A Taste of Rio at the Ball

May 23, 2017 at 8:42 AM

The annual Rio de Janeiro Carnival is considered the biggest of its kind in the world, with two million people involved in the street festival each day! Our Year 12 and 13 students, along with their invited guests, experienced a ‘taste of Rio’ at their annual Ball on Saturday. Bigger and better every year, the Carnival-themed Ball was held in the stunning waterfront location, the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre. 

Outside the venue, as the students arrived, there were performances by baton throwing, poi spinning, juggling fire dancers. Once inside, everyone enjoyed some a pre-dinner mocktail and had access to foosball, air hockey tables, arcade machines and photo booths as they waited for the grand ball room reveal. The main entrance filled fast with over 850 eager students waiting to see what the Ball Council had in store for them. As the DJ started playing, it was time to pull the curtains back – WOW! Stilt walkers and ribbon dancers greeted the students along with a cascade of feathers, laser lights, funky lighting, brightly coloured drapes with a chandelier in the style of a circus tent. What a magical start to the biggest social event on the school calendar! 

Year after year, the Ball Council who organise the event, go through the details with a ‘fine-tooth comb’ to make sure they have covered every aspect. It is a huge task to undertake, but each year, the Ball Council, under the guidance of Mrs Lucinda Williams do a fantastic job, putting everything together with newer and bigger ideas. 

The Ball Council kept the same DJ from last year, but this year they added a new level of ‘wow’ with more lighting and visual effects. To keep the students hydrated and energy levels high, there was popcorn and candyfloss machines, lollies galore, canapes, fries, light snacks and plenty of water and juices. 

The girls looked absolutely fabulous in their beautiful gowns both long and short, with a lot of attention to detail in their hair and makeup. The boys were very well groomed in their smart-looking suits and nicely polished shoes. Towards the end of the night, the votes were tallied – who was best dressed female, male and teachers and who was the cutest couple? Each student voted online, which automatically tallied the votes for the best dressed, making the process much easier and faster, with the Ball Council in charge of selecting the rest. 

A big thanks to the Ball Council for the dedicated and detailed work they undertook along with, staff member, Mrs Lucinda Williams, in planning the Ball. This is a massive task and one they can be proud of! Also, our thanks to the many staff who attended to enjoy the evening with their students. It was a spectacular night shared by all! 

Ball Council: Anna McKee, Ella Moss, Jordan Rogers-Jenkins, Kayla Williamson, Kerry Ni, Laura M Smith, Sarah Gillies and Natalie Lin

Prince of Ball: George Shirtcliffe
Princess of Ball: Claudia Spain
Cutest Couple: Bella Conyngham & Zac Ballantyne
Best Dressed Male: Jordan Rogers-Jenkins
Best Dressed Female: Tate McGregor
Best Dressed Male Teacher: Mr Tony Parker
Best Dress Female Teacher: Miss Alice Hamilton
King of the Ball: Luke Paanakker
Queen of the Ball: Sophie McCallum-Jones


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