Taste of France at the College

July 28, 2016 at 4:04 PM

The sights, smells and tastes of French culinary fare filled the Jack Paine Centre for the Food Technology Artisan Food Market. The market was the final stage of more than two months of planning and preparation by the Year 11 Food Technology students. Following a research phase which saw them analyse the products sold at markets and specialty stores around Auckland, they conducted feasibility studies to come up with a food item they believed would ‘sell like hot cakes.’

Once their product was decided, they needed to establish the costs of development and production, refine the recipe to produce a minimum of 20 units, create a food safety plan and nutrition information panel, source packaging and calculate a price. All of this work came together on market day as the budding chefs showcased their kitchen creations to a crowd of student, teacher and parent customers.

More than 20 stalls covered the full gamut of market-style treats, including sweet and savoury morsels and hot and cold drinks. There were delicate madeleines and petit fours, mouth-watering cakes and crepes, moreish baguettes and freshly squeezed juice. There was a constantly long line of patrons waiting to enter the JPC throughout the lunchtime sales period, with many vendors selling out well before the bell rang.


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