A Taste of Bowling!

November 02, 2018 at 11:33 AM

Once largely associated as a restful sport for the older generation, lawn bowls is beginning to gain traction with younger players as the skill, combined with social opportunities, comes to the fore.

The Girls’ School was one of the first schools to be selected to take part in the new Junior Jack Attack programme this week at Remuera Bowling Club.

The Junior Jack Attack kit is designed to enable school children to participate in a taste of bowling on a range of flat surfaces, including greens, carpets, concrete or wooden floors, eliminating the restriction of requiring a bowling green to introduce new players to the sport. Our Year 7 and 8 girls, however, were particularly fortunate to be hosted on a prime bowling green by members of the club!

The junior bowls are made of rubber, designed with children in mind, making them lighter and easier to handle. The girls have been learning the basics of rolling the bowl, understanding the role of bias in a bowl, and enjoying a number of games to help with their understanding of the sport.

Bowls is a game of concentration, co-ordination and precision – and it didn’t take long for our girls to focus their attention as they developed their skills to accurately roll their bowls close to the jack.

Our sincere thanks to the Remuera Bowling Club for hosting our girls this term. The programme is engaging and proving to be a great deal of fun as the girls develop skills in a sport they may otherwise not have a chance to try.


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