Tartans, Tug-of-War, and More: Flora MacDonald Day at Saint Kentigern Girls' School

April 05, 2023 at 11:03 AM

Saint Kentigern Girls' School recently celebrated its annual Flora MacDonald Day. The highly anticipated event in the calendar helps the students understand and experience their adopted Scottish heritage as Daughters of Kentigern. The day was filled with exciting activities, music, dancing, and much more, leaving the girls with memories they will cherish for a long time.

As is tradition, the morning began with a grand procession led by the College 2nd Pipe Band. As the first note from the Pipes and Drums filled the air, excited energy filled the girls with anticipation, setting the tone for the day. The official party with VIP guests from all the Saint Kentigern Schools were the first in the procession, closely followed by the Preschool girls and, finally, the Girls’ School in their clans, two for each of the four houses. The party followed the Pipe Band through the grounds, down Shore Road, and into the gymnasium for an assembly.

The assembly included speeches from the Head and Deputy Head Girls, a retelling of the story of Flora MacDonald, and musical performances. The girls were fully engaged in the humorous re-enactment of Jacobite heroine Flora MacDonald, who risked her life to smuggle Bonnie Prince Charlie from Scotland to the Isle of Skye. The musical performances from a select chamber group and choir were outstanding, adding to the celebratory spirit this day is known for.

The real excitement came after morning tea, where the girls embarked on a day full of diverse and exciting activities, catering to all the interests and passions of the girls. The turf area was filled with ice skating, capture the flag, and tug-o-war, while Scottish dancing (sword dance) was held in the gymnasium. The girls also enjoyed crafting, making Scottish thistle brooches, and engaging in the fan-favourite inflatable obstacle course and games.

The girls had an absolute blast at Flora MacDonald Day, and their enthusiasm was infectious. They danced joyfully, laughed with their friends, and enjoyed learning about their Scottish heritage. The day was filled with moments of fun and laughter, as well as opportunities for personal growth and learning. It is always incredibly special to involve the Preschool girls, many of whom will be at the Girls’ School in the coming years. To see all year groups engaging with each other, caring for each other, and encouraging one another, big sisters with their nominated little sisters, brought the spirit of Flora MacDonald to life centuries later.

As we reflect on the joy and excitement of Flora MacDonald Day at Saint Kentigern Girls' School, we cannot help but express our gratitude to Mrs Jill Wahlstrom, the staff running activities and the parents who made this day possible. Their unwavering support and enthusiasm brought an incredible atmosphere to the celebration, creating memories that will last a lifetime for the girls.

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