Success on the Slopes for Boys’ School

October 29, 2018 at 12:11 PM

The sun may be shining and summer on the way but there was one last chance this week for our Boys’ School skiers to don their skis and take to the slopes – albeit indoors!

The Senior School Ski Team, along with two boys from the Middle School, competed in the 2018 Snowplanet Primary and Intermediate Ski Championships with great success! By the time the boys had finished their three timed Giant Slalom runs, they were all feeling confident about their performances - and they were good!

Seb Lyne took home a gold medal for the Boys’ Intermediate Giant Slalom. Jacob Hageman also won gold for Primary Boys and Thomas Hageman achieved bronze in the Intermediate Boys.

The boys then returned to the snow for the Slopestyle Event (Tricks). None of the boys had any experience in Freestyle skiing but they tried their hardest, especially Andrew Xin who had a massive fall but got back up and finished his run. Despite their inexperience, the boys put in an amazing performance collecting further medals - a silver for Thomas Hageman and a bronze forThomas Bowden the Intermediate Slopestyle. Jacob Hageman also collected bronze in the Primary Boys Slopestyle.

The moment everyone was waiting for was the announcement of the overall team – the boys were super proud of their efforts and were happy that they defended their title for a second year!

Intermediate Boys Overall Team – 1st

Intermediate Boys Giant Slalom
Seb Lyne – 1st
Thomas Hageman – 3rd
Thomas Bowden – 4th
Ethan Stilwell – 6th
Christian French – 10th

Primary Boys Giant Slalom
Jacob Hageman – 1st
Andrew Xin – DQ

Intermediate Boys Slopestyle
Thomas Hageman – 2nd
Thomas Bowden – 3rd
Seb Lyne – 7th
Ethan Stilwell – 11th
Christian French – 15th

Primary Boys Slopestyle
Jacob Hageman – 3rd
Andrew Xin – DQ

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