Stunning new commissioned artwork from Tessa Meyer

October 30, 2013 at 3:55 PM

Head Girl from 2011, Tessa Meyer is well remembered for the enormous contribution she made to the College as a student. She was a true all-rounder who excelled at her chosen sport, was an outstanding public speaker and an exceptional young artist. It is her talent as an artist that has left the biggest legacy.

Tessa was commissioned during the College 60th Jubilee celebrations this year to produce an artwork for the new MacFarlan Centre. Working in oil on canvas, Tessa’s remarkable piece of work, ‘Upward Contemplation’ has now been installed, depicting a young student gazing upwards at the Chapel.

Tessa said the painting was created from the foundation of two influential ideas. While it serves as a tribute to the Chapel, one of the College’s most iconic buildings and the cornerstone of the our community, it also draws on the geometric architecture and modern style of the new MacFarlan Centre in which it is displayed. ‘The combination of the College’s history and its future is an important element in this milestone year.’

In the painting, each House is represented by the Chapel’s stained glass windows and Tessa hopes that the upward contemplation of the subject will evoke positive feelings of striving forward and reflecting on what it means to be a member of the Saint Kentigern community.
Tessa said, ‘I feel incredibly grateful to the College for giving me the opportunity to do this piece for the 60th Jubilee. As a young artist, my painting was really fostered while I was at the College and I am honoured to present Saint Kentigern with my take on what it means to celebrate such a great occasion.’

Tessa took a gap year after graduating College to further her artwork and travel. She has since started studying for a Bachelor of Science at Auckland University undertaking a double major in environmental science and geography. Art remains her passion and she continues to produce large scale artworks for sale. Her goal is to build a sufficient number of paintings to one day hold her own exhibition.

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