Students Get Cooking!

August 28, 2019 at 1:12 PM

Stomachs were full and Food Technology students were satisfied after their recipes came to life last week. As part of the Achievement Standard ‘Undertake Effective development to trial and make a prototype’, the Year 12 Food Technology students designed several meals and menu cards to help families who receive Food Bank parcels - Food Bank provides emergency food parcels for the less fortunate.

As part of this assessment, the students not only had to make the meals themselves but were required to take a step back and observe the Year 7 Food Technology students cook the meals by following the instructions on the cards – making adjustments where needed to ensure the instructions were easy to follow.

With each recipe, the students were required to keep costs down, ensure the meals were filing and nutritionally balanced, simple and easy to follow and used minimum equipment and/or techniques.

Head of Food Technology, Danielle de Ronde said they hope to help people who have minimal facilities and skills to make meals for their families that use common donated ingredients – ‘for example, many people donate canned tomatoes and some individuals may not know how to create tasty meals with this, so we created four recipes that include the use of tinned tomatoes.’

From pasta dishes to stir fries and tuna bakes, each menu card was purposely designed and laid out to cater for consumers from a reading comprehension level of around 10 years old and above, ‘as many of the people who access these parcels may be migrants with limited English or adults who work longs hours and therefore the children are left with the responsibility of cooking the family dinner.’

This standard taught the students the process of design and the stages that are involved. It also encouraged them to think creatively and come up with original ideas to build on, and through the use of trialling and gaining feedback, adjustments and improvements were made to improve their original ideas. It also allowed the Year 7 students to develop and improve their cooking skills and learn from the senior students. This was a greatopportunity to collaborate between the Year levels on a shared task. It was enjoyed by both sets of students; each having learnt from the other. 


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