Students and Staff Welcome the New Saint Kentigern Haka

October 23, 2020 at 9:48 AM

From the early 90s, Saint Kentigern has embraced its one and only Haka, ‘Ko te Haka ō whare a Bruce’ – ‘The Bruce House Haka’.  Written by previous Boarding House Master, Taane (Vance) Llyod Whiley, this Haka was specifically written for Bruce House, back when Saint Kentigern was an all boys’ school. It spoke about how the students came from all over the country to live at and represent Bruce House.

After revisiting the original Haka documents at the beginning of 2020, Te Reo Māori teacher, Maurice Nelson decided it was time for Saint Kentigern to create a new, unique Haka. Matua Maurice approached Year 10 Bruce House students, Rawiri Martin and Sua Hotere-Sosopo and asked if they would be willing to take the lead and come up with a new Haka to represent the College. Both students warmly welcomed the challenge and quickly got stuck into writing and choreographing what is now the new Saint Kentigern Haka, ‘Te Haka o Te Kura O Hato Keneti’ – ‘Saint Kentigern Haka’.

Throughout this year, Rawiri and Sua have spent many lunchtimes teaching students and staff the new Haka in anticipation of performing it. On the night of the Celebrating the Arts evening, the two students, along with a select group of their Bruce House peers and our very own year 13 Prefects, the new Haka was presented to the winner of the 2020 Māori and Pasifika cup, Selena Agaimalo in front of a live audience. Many positive comments were made by staff, students, and parents that the students did a fantastic job, expressing great passion and energy!

Traditionally, a Haka is seen as a ceremonial dance or challenge and is usually performed to represent the group’s pride, strength, unity and belonging. For Saint Kentigern, the Haka brings our people together from all cultures and helps connect us to our surrounding areas. It also represents identity and being proud of who we are and where we come from.

As a boarder, Rawiri said for him, performing a Haka is another way of connecting to his culture, family and home in Mitimiti. ‘It is a way of staying connected and despite moving away from home, being able to take what I learnt and performing it here means a lot. I wanted to help produce the Haka to give back to the College and to show how grateful I am to be here. I also think it is important for schools to have a Haka so they can perform and set the challenge before any co-curricular activity.’

Sua agreed and said being brought up in a Kapa Haka environment in Whangarei was a great thing and being able to bring those skills to Auckland and help Saint Kentigern to come up with a new Haka is a privilege. ‘Our new Haka is strong; it says we are Saint Kentigern and if you set a challenge upon us, we will defeat you. We call for people to come out to the East side of Auckland and test us, so we can show them how things should be done both academically and in sports.’

Rawiri and Sua are deserving of our congratulations for their efforts and for making Saint Kentigern history!
You can read the haka and its translation below.

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Click here to see their first performance.

Te Haka o Te Kura O Hato Keneti


Saint Kentigern Haka


Tuturu o whiti whaka maua kia tina


Haumie hui e

Taiki e

E nga Rangatira o Hato Keneti

-whakarite (amp up)

Tu mai ra

-whakarite (amp up)


Uia mai koe whaka huatia ake,

Ko wai te kura nei E

Ko Hato Keneti, Ko Hato Keneti Hi


Tera te taki autahi takina, te Tautara,

Mai nuku tu te po

(beat) Tu te ao, Hi

Ko Hato Keneti e ngunguru nei

Hi, au au aue, ha Hi

Ko Hato Keneti e ngunguru nei

Hi, au au aue, ha Hi

I a haha

Tenei te kura pakeke

O Hato Keneti

E takahia mai nei e


Hunuku hunuku

Hunuku mai ki te rawhiti o Tamaki Makaurau e hau





Rere ki uta


Rere Ki tai


Ko Te Hato Keneti e ngunguru nei

Hi au au aue ha Hi





Dear great people of Saint Kentigern College

Rise up




They ask us who we are?

‘We respond’ “We are Saint Kentigern College!”



We set the standard through day & Night

“And throughout the world!”

Rise thy Kentigern students

“Yes here we are”

Tell them who we are!

“We are Are Saint Kentigern College

Showing that we have come to battle”






Come people!

“Come to the East side of Auckland

Where we will show you how it is done!”

Come, come, from near or far




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