Stepping Out For Hunger - In The Rain

June 28, 2021 at 10:24 AM

Saint Kentigern has a long association with World Vision, and collectively, all three of our Saint Kentigern schools have been one of the top 40 Hour Famine fundraisers in the country for many years.

During this weekend’s 40 Hour Famine, some chose to go without food and some without technology, transport or their bed, the aim being to experience life without a personal ‘necessity’ and in the process raise money to give a less fortunate child the tools they need for a hunger-free future - food, seeds, chickens and more.

Almost 200 College students, staff and parents chose to step out for hunger, taking part in a sponsored walk, starting at the Rowing Sheds and walking a 20km round trip to Musick Point in Bucklands Beach and back to College. As the students gathered by the rowing sheds, ready for an early start to head off around the Tamaki Estuary Walkway….it hosed down! On a weekend focussed on deprivation and hardship, the walkers had to be stoic and dig just that little bit deeper. Heralded by lone Piper, Cameron Dean, with umbrellas at the ready and raincoats zipped up, they set off at a brisk pace!

This year, the money raised by Saint Kentigern will go towards aid for Vanuatu. We are currently into our second year of a five-year partnership in the South Pacific. For a number of years, the College, the Boys’ School and the Girls’ School travelled to Vanuatu to give service but with the advent of Covid and the inability to travel, the focus has been placed on fundraising to support the island nation.

Through the 40 Hour Famine, we have helped communities in Vanuatu to recover from the last cyclone, and continue to help them better prepare for the ongoing impact of a changing climate, and the immediate impact of the pandemic.  Vanuatu is among the highest ranked countries in terms of vulnerability to climate risks.

In a largely subsistence-focused country, money raised will provide farmers with the seeds, tools and education they need to build sustainable farming practices and create resilient communities. Poor nutritional outcomes, and social and economic disparities are prevalent throughout the country and the prevalence of stunting and under-nutrition in children under the age of five is unacceptably high at an average of 29% in Vanuatu. The extra support provided will assist rural families to meet their basic needs for food and shelter and provide some help towards covering other basic needs such as school fees or savings to respond to natural disasters.

Well done to all those students, staff and parents who took on this weekend’s 40 Hour Famine.

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