Speak Easy Competition

August 29, 2019 at 2:42 PM

A selection of Middle and Senior College speech finalists went head to head at this year’s annual ‘Speak Easy’ speech competition last night. Students from the Boys’ School and Girls’ School also attended to showcase some of the upcoming talent and speaking skills to family and friends in the Goodfellow Centre.

It was a fantastic evening with a wide variety of topics covered from engaging and humorous pieces, to personal, historical and social issues - there was something for everyone to enjoy.

We welcomed Old Collegian, Letitia Puni as this year’s judge. Letitia recently completed her Commerce degree at the University of Auckland, majoring in Accounting and Marketing, and currently works as a marketing intern. She is well-remembered from her College days as a vivacious student prepared to speak out for a cause. Pleased to be welcomed back, Letitia judged the students on their ideas, presentation skills, structure and engagement with the audience.

At the conclusions of the evening, Letitia announced Year 12 student, Mia Dobbe as the winner of the Senior College with her speech on ‘Being Jewish in a non-Jewish Society.’ Mia’s heartfelt presentation made the audience reflect on the need for empathy and compassion, recognising the history of those who followed the Jewish faith during World War 2, as well as looking forward to the world she envisions for her own children. To conclude her speech, Mia asked the audience to be aware of the opportunity for kindness and acceptance.

Year 10 student, Alissa Huang was the Middle College winner with her speech ‘If You’d Only Listen.’ This piece offered the audience a few minutes to think about voices that often will not be heard – those who are vulnerable.  She pleaded with her audience to listen and pay attention as ‘everyone has something to say.’ 

The Year 7-8 Future Talent Award went to Middle College Year 7 student, Charlie Bain with his talk on ‘Why the English language is so hard to learn.’ Charlie’s persuasive speech made light of an issue that many people face – learning the rules and oddities of the English language. ‘There are just some things we say and do in English that have no rule that makes sense.’

Well done to all the students who presented their work and especially those who gained awards! We thank Letitia for her feedback and time.


Senior College

Mia Dobbe

Being Jewish in a non-Jewish Society

Year 12

Middle School

Alissa Huang

If You'd Only Listen

Year 10

Year 7-8

Charlie Bain

Why the English language is so hard to learn

Year 7


Danielle Mayer


Year 11

Charlotte Cornwall

Leading with Unity

Year 11

Harjot Singh Dharni

Speaking for Justice, Working for Unity

Year 11

Campbell Jordan

Work Experience

Year 12

Lucy Nie

Mental Health

Year 13


Amelia Evangelidakis

Why NZ is the best country in the world to live in.

Year 7

Thomas Mallard

Why we should have Rugby League at SKC

Year 8

Sean Trombitas

Bitter or Sweet?

Year 8

Isabella Nigro

I am a Girl

Year 9

Jashil Rana

How Great Leaders Inspire People

Year 9

Katie Dirks


Year 10

Arwyn Stevens

I am your Gaming Avatar

Year 10

Nora Caffery


Year 7 (Girls School)

Xarya Knox

Teachers Need Better Working Conditions

Year 8 (Girls School)

James Hiddleston

Bare Feet

Year 7 (Boys School)

Sam McLeod


Year 8 (Boys School)

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