Small Ensemble Showcase

May 22, 2013 at 9:07 AM

If the Symphony Orchestra and Concert Band are the showpieces of the College instrumental programme then the chamber ensembles are the engine room.  Relying on a high level of musical communication and intense preparation, there is nowhere for the chamber musician to hide.   Chamber ensembles comprise between 3 and 8 musicians, usually with only one person on each part and are not conducted.  Subsequently the onus is on the students to not only play their part but to integrate seamlessly with others.

The College has a strong chamber music programme and the annual Small Ensemble Showcase gave our groups the opportunity to perform before the NZCT Chamber Music Competition being held at Epsom Girls’ Grammar School after Queen’s Birthday weekend.

The evening was hosted by the Director of Chamber Music, Mr Oliver Gilmour and opened with the College Jazz Combo, directed by Mr Kristian Holmes.  The repertoire and instrumentation were diverse.

Lotsa Flutes - Claire Gellert, Eilidh McGregor, Olivia Hofer, Angela Lin, Elise Hinomoto
Tutor: Mrs Karen Middleton

“Trio Nino” - Carolyn Ding (Flute), Kimberley Tse (Violin), Iris Lee (Piano)
Tutor: Ms Miranda Hutton

“SKC Sax Ensemble” - Has Brooke, Max Christie, James Milner, Samantha Wing, Anita Lin
Tutor: Mr Matthew Baker

“Mental Notes” - Kimberley Tse (Violin), Max Wang (Piano), Mrs Siobhan Gerritsen for Pavel Pavlenko
Tutor: Miss Gracie Francis

“SKC Celli Ensemble” – Guy Beca, Braden Harley, Sharon Li, Ada Huang, Ryan Tourani Rad
Tutor: Mrs Katherine Uren

“Tartan Trio” - Jason Seto (Violin), Shuo Yang (Violin), Freddie Jiang (Piano)
Tutor: Ms Miranda Hutton

“Heavy Metal” – Thomas Scott (Trumpet), Declan Fisher (Trumpet), Rachel Smith (Trombone), Annabelle Watson (Trombone), Nikolai Siimes (Tuba)
Tutor: Mr Stephen Bemelman

“Trilogy” Crystal Sun (Violin), Iris Lee (Piano), Emily Young (Cello)
Tutor: Mrs Siobhan Gerritsen

Brahmy Army” - Manase Latu (Voice), Jeffrey Chan and William Xu (Piano)
Tutor: Miss Gracie Francis

The evening showed a significant increase in the quality of performance of this type at the College and we look forward to hearing some outstanding performances at the Auckland section of the National Chamber Music Competition.

Our sincere thanks to Mr Gilmour for organising an outstanding evening if music and to all of the tutors who work with the students to help out student make fine music.

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