Simon Clegg Guest Speaker

May 22, 2013 at 1:36 PM

Our Year 7-10 students recently had the opportunity to hear a humorous and impacting speech from guest speaker, Simon Clegg, on important issues such as youth identity, emotional resilience and making the right choices. His down to earth approach really engaged the students and the illustrations and anecdotes he shared, although amusing, had key and relevant messages behind them.

Simon’s talk included tackling one of the number one issues that youth can face today – the area of self-image and lack of identity. Add in a couple of volunteers from the audience, a role play and ensuing good laughs, and a serious topic was successfully delivered ‘tween style’.

He believes that in our rapidly increasing digital society, our next generation is being told who they are through branding, media and other sources. Consequently, he said it is when our children feel that they do not fit the ‘norm’; that it can become severely detrimental in regards to them making wise choices for the future.

Simon’s passion for helping others make good choices for their future at a young age was evident. Grown from his own dysfunctional experiences as a child, his speech challenged and inspired our young people to stand up and be strong in the face of life’s storms.

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