'The Shed' Food Deliveries Underway

September 18, 2020 at 10:11 AM

Following the launch of ‘The Shed’ two weeks ago, this week, it was the turn of the Boys’ School, Girls’ School and Preschool students to visit and help to stock the shelves from food collections held at their respective schools.

The Shed - Saint Kentigern Foodbank initiative - is located at the College and was set up to help meet the needs of families from local schools in our region. The Shed is intended as a ‘holding’ facility for our staff, students and parent volunteers from across the campuses to donate, store, package and transport donated food, but not be involved in its direct distribution to families. Saint Kentigern will provide food donations and resources to social workers, Principals, Churches and organisations such as The Breakfast Club to distribute to their families according to their own criteria.

This week, the first 20 food boxes, containing the items listed below, have been delivered to six Primary Schools in the area for distribution by their own Principals and Social workers to those families determined the most in need.

To date, 39 parents from our Saint Kentigern community have volunteered to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11.00am-2.30pm, and will be responsible for managing the stock, making up the food boxes and delivering them to our partnership schools. It was great to see the enthusiastic help from our Primary School and Preschool girls and boys this as they busied themselves unloading the vans and stocking the shelves when they visited this week.

Whilst each of our schools holds regular Foodbank collections, as marked in the Saint Kentigern calendar, we also welcome donations at other times and are keen to hear from anyone in our community who can offer donations in volume. If you can assist with this or would like to volunteer time to help with ‘The Shed’ initiative please contact Natalie Stephenson



Spaghetti (2x cans)
Baked Beans (2x cans)
Canned fruit (1x can)
Canned tomatoes (2x cans)
Pasta Sauce (1x can or jar) (if available)
Soup (1x can, 1x packet soup mix) (+ a box of sachets if available)
Canned fish (2x cans)
Canned vegetables (1x can)
Canned beans (1x can) (i.e. 4 bean mix, kidney beans, Chickpeas etc.)
Pasta (2x packets) (300-500g pasta + spaghetti)
Rice (Ikg)
Spreads (1x unit if available: i.e. jam, honey or peanut butter)
Cereal (750g or 1kg Weetbix) (or the equivalent in other cereals)
Tea bags (30 pkt) + Milo or Coffee (if available)
Toilet Paper (4 pack)
Toothpaste plus minimum of 4 tooth brushes
Soap (4 pack)
Milk (2L)
1x Margarine
Bread (2x sliced loaves)
Carrots (2kg bag)  (other fresh vegetables &/or fruit if available)

Extras if available
Mince (500g -1kg) (frozen) or Fish (frozen)
Other items as available: biscuits, corn chips, muesli bars, treats etc.

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