Sharing Published Stories

September 15, 2016 at 2:56 PM

Earlier in the year, the Year 8 extension English class at the College studied the conventions of children’s literature with the aim to write, illustrate and publish their own children’s book. They looked in particular at ways that rhyme can be incorporated into a story without sounding forced, how to use an engaging narrative arc, ways to infuse a ‘moral’ or life skill into their tales, as well as the use of appropriate vocabulary to challenge and extend young children. 

After a workshop from visiting author, Zee Southcombe, the class wrote and illustrated their own stories. Topics range from the personification of a zebra in ‘Zara’s Journey’ by Emma Jorgenson and mastering the potty in ‘I need a new Diaper’ by Sarina Wang, to the discovery of identity in ‘Isabell the Odd Bee” by Mia Harries. 

This morning, the class visited our Preschool and shared their stories aloud with small groups of preschoolers. The younger children greatly enjoyed the enthusiasm of the ‘big kids’ and were well engaged by their stories. The Year 8 students had a genuine audience for their writing and loved the opportunity to visit the Preschool - overall it was a highly valuable experience for both groups.

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