Serving A Menu ‘With Constraints’

September 16, 2020 at 3:58 PM

Fussy eater? Whether for medical reasons or lifestyle choices, those whose diets vary from the 'norm' were the ideal customers for a lunch held in the Jack Paine Centre today.

As part of their Food Technology course, four classes of Year 10 students were tasked with devising a menu 'with constraints.' Working in small teams, each took on a 'client' - in this case, a member of staff - whose diet, whether chosen or required, posed some limitations on the choice of ingredients.

Working in small groups, the students followed a conceptual design process, creating a menu and preparing a meal for their stakeholder. Working within the dietary constraints, each group was also given a key ingredient – either citrus, berries, flowers or leaves – on which to base the meal. There was also an added focus on sustainability, with the students required to consider the seasonality of their ingredients.

Seven staff had willingly signed up to work in partnership with the students around the dietary restrictions. From vegan, to diabetic, keto and superfood, the students carefully planned and tested their menus, seeking feedback from the outset. As the culmination of 12 weeks work, with menus carefully refined, the first of the Year 10 classes were proud to serve an entrée, main and dessert today and appreciated the staff taking the time to fill in a detailed form giving feedback on taste, texture, smell, appearance, execution and formulation – the balance of ingredients.

‘Designerly’ thinking in our Food Technology classes, encourages students to be more creative with selected ingredients resulting in unique outcomes. The staff in attendance today, certainly enjoyed their meals!

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