Scientific Sparks: Boys' School Embraces the Excitement of the Science Roadshow

July 05, 2023 at 4:03 PM

The Boys' School recently had the privilege of hosting the Science Roadshow, an exciting event that brought a burst of fresh motivation and inspiration to our Year 7–8 students in the midst of their Science Fair projects. As the students were just beginning their science inquiries, selecting their topics, and conducting tests, the roadshow couldn't have come at a better time to ignite their curiosity and enhance their investigations.

The event was made even more special with a surprise visit from local Member of Parliament and leader of the ACT party David Seymour. Mr Seymour's background in science, having worked as an engineer before entering politics, added an extra element of excitement amongst the boys. His presence served as a reminder that a passion for science can lead to incredible career opportunities and achievements.

To kick off the Science Roadshow, the students engaged in a presentation titled ‘Mighty Materials’. Through crazy experiments and simple explanations, our boys delved into the intricate physical and chemical attributes of substances like metals and fabrics, leading to recognition of their practical application in our daily lives.

The students then had the opportunity to interact with the various exhibits set up around the hall. Each exhibit was accompanied by a context board, providing valuable information on how to engage with it, the underlying scientific principles, and real-life applications. Our Science Monitors from the school acted as student explainers, assisting their peers with the exhibits.

In the subsequent presentation, ‘Sounding Out Waves’, the students embarked on an exploration of sound's fundamental characteristics, encompassing pitch, volume, velocity, and the mediums through which they traverse. This hands-on experience not only helped them understand sound waves better but also sparked their curiosity about the fascinating world of acoustics and how physics relates to hearing.

The Science Roadshow left a lasting impact on our students, invigorating their passion for science and providing them with a fresh perspective on their own Science Fair projects. With newfound motivation and a deeper understanding of scientific concepts, the Year 7-8 students are now equipped to continue their investigations with renewed enthusiasm and confidence.

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