Science Roadshow

June 11, 2018 at 3:58 PM

Year 7 students had a chance to explore a variety of science concepts as part of a Science Roadshow programme held at the Saint Kentigern College on May 30.

With a goal to nurture students’ curiosity about science, technology and innovation through first-hand experience, the National Science-Technology Roadshow Trust offers participants an engaging hour of hands-on learning.

Joined by Howick Intermediate students, students navigated a variety of workstations and presentations. At one workstation, students learned how the body’s bones function when riding a bike while monitoring a thermal camera that shows the temperature of the environment. At other workstations, students learned about gravity, energy, light, reflection and decomposition. As a bonus, they had an opportunity to spin in a rotating chair that simulated the pull of gravity.

In between workstations, students took a break to listen to two presentations. The first presentation, ‘Living World’, focused on the digestive system as students saw and touched a life-size model of the human digestive tract from end to end! The second presentation on physics showed students how liquid nitrogen can be used to ‘super freeze’ things. Additionally, they learned how flames burn in different colours depending on materials involved.

As a friendly bonus round, students went into a draw for a special prize if they won three out of five challenges.

With special thanks to Year 8 teacher, Ms Catherine May, and Year 10 students who helped guide the juniors through each step of the workstations.


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