A School by Our Girls for Girls

August 25, 2022 at 4:25 PM

It was great to welcome back the 2021 Year 8 graduates and their parents for a celebration at the new Girls’ School on Shore Road this week. Guests were taken on a tour of the new school before meeting back at the cosy new staffroom for drinks and nibbles while catching up with teachers and friends.

 Right from inception, the new Girls’ School on Shore Road was designed and made with Girls’ learning in mind. In fact, following the Trust Boards’ announcement in early 2018, as part of the masterplan for Saint Kentigern’s two primary schools and the Preschool to be located on the Shore Road campus, one of the first activities that took place was the coming together of our girls and their parents to feedback and ideate the school of their dreams and explore the very best for the learning of our girls now and for the future. 

“Welcome to new beginnings at the Girls’ School at Shore Road campus, the school that you have envisioned for all of us. Welcome to our new future,” said Principal Ms Juliet Small at the gathering.

“All of you, girls and parents, have been integral in helping us shape  these magnificent learning spaces and I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude. Your proposal for outdoor learning opportunities for girls, a strong identity for the Girls’ School, unique play areas for younger girls, as well as appropriate places for senior girls, among others, have been taken into consideration and reflected in the design of the school.”   

On 8 June, students and staff moved into a brand new school on Shore Road and brought with them precious memories such as the pianos, art pieces and plants which  have been replanted at the Garden of Honour on Shore Road. Students and staff have organised themselves really quickly, settled in and are now making the most of the opportunities the new school offers.

“We are already using our learning spaces in different ways. Kapa Haka on the social stairs, playing football on the turf, basketball at the gymnasium, and the libraries on every floor. We are imagining, anticipating and exploring our new environment so we can make the most of the learning opportunities and have some fun,” added Ms Small.

Ms Small went on to praise the 2021 Year 8 girls on the way they braved the new normal in their final year at the school in the thick of the pandemic.  

“It is very special for us to have you and your parents here with us to celebrate in style and to say goodbye properly. You are an amazing group of girls and I congratulate each and every one of you on your successes. I love the way you are all so individual, each one of you your own person. Be true to yourself. Be true to your own values and be true to the Saint Kentigern values. We are incredibly fortunate to have been part of your journey and wish you well,” added Ms Small.

Ms Small also took the opportunity to thank parents in attendance for their dedication and continuous support for the Girls’ School over the years.  

In parting, Ms Small left two messages for the Girls:

You are enough exactly as you are. Wherever you have landed, because you are a good friend or good sister, because you made eye contact with someone who sat alone at lunch, because you feed the dog when everyone else forgets to, because you don’t give up when you fall, you are enough as you are. Continue to compete and shine.”

You are the future. Think of the impact you could make. At Saint Kentigern Girls’, we have encouraged you to be strong young women, you are your own destiny, know that you have to create your own opportunities and that you can make a difference. I am excited for the opportunities that you have available to you. The possibilities are endless and I am encouraged knowing that you are the current and future leaders of our country and our world.”

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