Saint Kentigern Raises $154,408 for World Vision

August 21, 2017 at 4:27 PM

During the 40 Hour Famine this year, Saint Kentigern students across all three schools raised a record amount of $154,408.20 for World Vision. The schools have had a long-standing relationship with World Vision, with the College being one of the top fundraising schools in the country for many years. This year, the College raised a very substantial $102,252. The Boys’ School almost doubled their total from last year, raising a whopping $43,700, with the Girls’ School too almost doubling their previous amount with $8,456.20.

World Vision's General Manager of Marketing and Engagement, Mr Bruce Pilbrow, along with Head of Public Fundraising, Amanda Piper-Randell, World Vision Ambassador, Britney Marsh and World Vision ‎Schools Partnership Manager, Andrea McDowell attended the Middle and Senior College assemblies last week, with Mr Pilbrow accepting the College’s official cheque.

The funds raised by the College will go towards their continued support of Chigodi Village in Malawi. Since our relationship began, the improvements to the village have been significant.  The students now have desks, ‘female friendly’ toilets, orchards and gardens, a new library and administration block.  The students’ achievement rates are excelling and some students are now, for the first time, going to university. For the students to see the impact our school community has made through our fundraising and relationship with our partnership school in Chigodi is truly heart-warming. 

Service Co-ordinator at the College, Mr Mark Robinson, will lead a group of students next year to visit the impoverished African country of Malawi – the second time Saint Kentigern has made such a trip. The village of Chigodi has been the recipient of funds raised by the College through the 40 Hour Famine for the last two years. Funds channelled to the village have assisted their two schools, provided water bores and agricultural support. The aim is to empower local families to lift themselves out of poverty through improved education.

Our two primary schools joined the wider World Vision focus on providing child-friendly spaces for children in refugee camps from Syria. This project is helping to provide safe, supportive places where children have access to arts, sports, education and counselling so they can start to recover from the trauma of war. Nine million Syrians, from a population of 12.6 million people, have been displaced with many living in stark refugee camps in the Jordanian desert. These families, who once conducted their lives not dissimilar to our own, now live in tents with few amenities available. When the rockets came, destroying their homes, they left quickly with few possessions. Charities cannot stop this war but they can help to improve the living conditions, particularly for the children.

At the Boys’ School, 300 students took part in the famine this year, undertaking a variety of way to raise money, such as giving up food, furniture, speaking and technology.

Their campaign started with a coin trail and a ‘guess the number of jellybeans competition’ which is always very popular. They also had a visiting speaker from World Vision, who had visited Syria. The boys were keen to help provide counselling, child friendly spaces, school equipment and stationery.

Many students across the three campuses contributed to the cause in their own way and there are always those who go the extra mile. At the College 85 students raised over $500 with Senior College students, Izzie Merrie and Michelle Zhou raising over $2000. Service Prefect, Bella Conyngham raised a whopping $7675. Middle College student, Lulu Denholm also raised a substantial amount coming in at $5090. The Middle College Year 7 and 8 students raised a record amount of $51,316 which is an average of $176 per student, and half of the overall total. At the Boys’ School, 19 boys raised more the $400 with Year 7 student, Ethan Stilwell raising over $2040. At the Girls’ School, the Lee sisters, Charlotte and Audrey raised $473. A huge contribution from all of our students, well done!


College Top Fundraisers

Senior College
Bella Conyngham                               $7675                Year 13
Michelle Zhou                                    $2850                 Year 13
Izzie Merrie                                         $2231.88           Year 11

Middle College
Lulu Denholm                                       $5090               Year 10
Rory Merrie                                          $1713               Year 8
Thomas Faulconbridge                           $1001               Year 8
Jason Gao                                             $1000               Year 8
Jaxon Scanes                                        $1000               Year 8

Boys’ School Top Fundraisers
Ethan Stilwell                    Raised over $2040           Year 7
Antony Gault                    Raised over $1000             Year 7
Sam Bergman                                     $680              Year 8
Jackson Wilkie                                       $665              Year 7
Tom Carter                                             $620              Year 3
Seb Manson                                           $604              Year 4
Nicholas Fail                                           $830              Year 1

19 boys raised more than $400 each

Girls’ School Top Fundraisers
Charlotte and Audrey Lee                 $473                Year 6 and Year 4
Jeanna Ho                                              $390                Year 3
Phoebe and Sienna Hirst                    $376.30          Year 4 and Year 5
Lucy Smutz                                            $335                Year 7 

A special mention to the Taylor family for taking the initiative to run a highly profitable car wash for a day.

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