Girls’ School Through to the EPro8 Challenge Semi-finals

October 25, 2018 at 2:47 PM

There are many opportunities for our students to extend their learning outside the classroom. Recently, the Girls’ School entered a team of Year 7 girls into the EPro8 Challenge – an engineering and problem-solving competition.

With their exceptional teamwork, calm manner and problem-solving skills, team ‘Nano Girl Bosses’ managed to claim an impressive second place and are now preparing for the semi-finals in November.

Every year, more than 9000 students from 800 schools throughout New Zealand put their skills to the test, in the hope to come out on top. Each team in the competition is assigned a workstation surrounded by impressive equipment, including gears, pulleys, motors, electronics and more, and are required to plan, design and build a range of solutions to novel problems.   

The event is a race against the clock for the students who hope to gain the most points and to strategically master and select the right challenges. Students are required to choose which challenges they complete, as not all can be achieved against the time limit - the harder the challenge the more points the team will score in the end.

The challenges are no easy tasks. In the past, students have been required to build large-sized structures and invent machines that can complete simple tasks by using practical maths. This is all while having a live leader board keeping track of all scores, increasing the suspense and adding pressure to the competition.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to work collaboratively on tasks that require them to draw on scientific, technological and mathematical principles.

It also teaches them to listen and value each other’s opinions which are all valuable skills for future learning.

We wish the girls all the best heading into the semi-finals. 

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