Saint Kentigern Girls Have Got Talent

October 25, 2012 at 1:24 PM

This week we have been treated at lunchtimes to girls of all ages having a go at sharing their talents with others. Whether it was singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument it has been fantastic to see the girls’ enthusiasm and support for each other.

This event culminated in the finals which were held yesterday lunchtime with an independent judge (from outside the school) having the enviable task of deciding the winners. I was very thankful that I hadn’t been asked to take part in that! My thanks to Isabella Worthington and Stella Taylor who, along with Mrs Nicola Brown and Ms Deborah Laffoley, have overseen this wonderful idea.

Congratulations to the winners of Saint Kentigern Girls Have Got Talent:

Sophia Pettigrove, Lucy Frazer and Charlotte Lindsay Smail who won the Overall Award
Sarah Peart who won the Dance Section Anna Elisara who won the Instrumental Section with a piano piece.

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