Girls Take on Muddy Cross Country Course

July 11, 2023 at 12:10 PM

Cross Country for our girls this year was run in three parts, with the Years 0–2 students running laps around the Martyn Wilson Field for their first taste of long-distance racing, the Years 3–6 students heading to the College for their races, and the Years 7 and 8 students competing against the College on their Cross Country day.

The Years 3 to 6 girls battled some rather muddy conditions, their legs splattered with dirt as they raced into the finishing chute. Meanwhile our youngest girls had great weather as they completed their 2–3-lap course around the fields by the school. Our Intermediate girls gave their College counterparts a run for their money and came out with some incredible results, taking first and third in the Year 8 competition, and first and second in Year 7. See page 75 for more.

This year, Cargill claimed the top of the podium, having the most points from student participation and top-ten results. Congratulations to our winners and all who showed up to race, support, and cheer on their friends.

House rankings

1st Cargill

2nd Wishart

3rd Hamilton

4th Chalmers

Year 0

  1. Summer Rowe
  2. Emily Goa
  3. Anna Tagi

Year 1

  1. Muqi Dai
  2. Angie Nong
  3. Amelia Klein

Year 2

  1. Lola Seton
  2. Holly O'Connor
  3. Victoria Kirwan

Year 3

  1. Adeline Scott
  2. Elly Chiu
  3. Charlotte Hedges

Year 4

  1. Evie Reynolds
  2. Charlotte Dobson
  3. Rachel Hu

Year 5

  1. Christine Cooney
  2. Annika Wells
  3. Isla Ryan

Year 6

  1. Olivia Moule
  2. Charlotte Ponsonby
  3. Bella Boyd


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